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STRATFORD UPON AVON - A History of it's Streets and Buildings

This expanded and comprehensively revised edition of Robert's book was launched following his presentation to the opening meeting in the Society's 2007/8 Programme on 10 September.

Much of Stratford's history can be pieced together from a proper appreciation of its street layout and historic buildings. Robert's intriguing book takes a detailed and authoritative look at these features to bring its story alive.

With the help of street maps and over sixty striking illustrations, Robert takes us through the historic core of the town to the less commercialised, but still important streets in the town centre. From there we move to quieter, often eighteenth century areas; then on to the urban fringe of the old medieval town and finally out into the Victorian suburbs. It is a vividly evocative tour through the fascinating history of our town.

This is the sixth in the Society's series of publications about the fabric of the town. Copies are now in short supply but if you are interested then please contact the Programme Secretary.