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Regional Civic and Amenity Societies

Warwick Society, Sister amenity society with whom we occasionally hold joint meetings.

Leamington Society, Sister society with whom we have limited contact.

Oxford Civic Society, Sister society with whom we collaborate.

Oxford Preservation Trust, Sister society with whom we collaborate.

Stadtverein (the local Civic Society in Salzburg), (in German). Sister society with whom we have limited contact.

Main Civic Society Resource and Contacts
Historic Towns Forum (EFTF), An extremely valuable resource for historic towns. Provides a commentary on current issues of concern, runs seminars to share good practice amongst its members, offers training courses and produces a number of publications that focus on historic towns. It also includes a set of useful links to other relevant web sites.

English Heritage, A significant player in the heritage arena. Own and care for a number of historic properties and hold events for those interested in historic buildings. Offers a range of information on archaeology and historic buildings, manage the blue plaque scheme, make grants and deal with conservation in general. They also have a photo collection, provide on-line data resources, have a major archive of photographs and other historical resources, provide resources to promote heritage education and offer a wide range of publications (some available free), plus a list of community projects dealing with heritage. This site is well worth a visit.

Other Useful Sites
ocal Heritage Initiative, Provides grants of between £3,000 and £25,000 to community groups for heritage projects. Applicants must involve the local community. Also provides resources for teachers at KS3 level. The resources support citizenship, geography and history. The site also includes a list of projects, by region, and a list of project sites.

BBC iCan , This is the BBC Action Network web site. It helps communities to make a difference to their neighbourhoods. Provides information on issues of concern to neighbourhoods (e.g., how to deal with neighbour’s rubbish), together with information on events and campaigns.

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