Welcome to the Stratford-upon-Avon Town Transport Group

This webpage represents the views and opinions of the Stratford upon Avon Town Transport Group and may not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the Stratford Society

The Group is a joint Working Group formed by the Stratford Society, Stratforward (Stratford BID) and Stratford Town Council.

2018 Meeting Dates

14th February
14th March
11th April
9th May
13th June
11th July
12th September
10th October
14th November
12th December

Group Meetings 2015/2016
6th December 2017    
11th October 2017    
6th September 2017   Next Meeting
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Meetings were also held in previous years, dates as below, for which agendas and minutes are also available - please EMAIL STTG
5th November 2014
24th September 2014
6th August 2014
18th June 2014
30th April  2014
12th March 2014
22nd January 2014
4th December 2013
16th October 2013
28th August 2013
19th June 2013
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28th March 2012
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25th November 2011
6th October 2011
7th September 2011
22nd June 2011
10th May 2011


The Group meets at the Town Hall in Sheep Street, courtesy of the Town Council, who finance free use of their meeting room through an annual Community Grants Award. Meetings are held every 6 weeks, from to 11.30 am, with future dates for each year agreed and circulated annually in advance.Ad hoc meetings, usually with third parties, are arranged as and when needed.


The Stratford-upon-Avon Town Transport Group (STTG) meets to review and discuss all issues pertaining to relevant transport modes in the town.

It has a broad remit that covers all modes of surface transport, including parking, pedestrians, cyclists, service busses, coaches (including out of town visitor coaches), together with road and rail issues that may have an impact on the town. The aim is to ensure that transport services benefit all users.

Current Membership (click on name for profile)

Stratford Society:

John Deegan (Chairman)

Robin Sankey (Vice Chairman)


Joe Bacconet

Gail Mathers

Accessible Stratford:

Elizabeth Dixon

Stratford Town Council:

The Mayor (Juliet Short)

Ian Fradgley

Stratford District Council:

1 vacancy for elected Councillor

Tony Perks

Warwickshire County Council:

Kate Rolfe, Jenny Fradgley, Keith Lloyd

Mike Peet

Stratford Voice:

Ian Andrew

Representative of the Member of Parliament:

Theresa Parker (Office of the Local MP, Nadhim Zahawi)

Representatives of Other Town Organisations:

Richard Freer-Hewish

David Miller (Stratford Cycle Forum)

Co-opted Technical Specialists:

Ian Heggie (founder member of the Group)

Terms of Reference

The Group meets to: (i)review and discuss all issues relating to transport in the town; (ii) point out inconsistencies in current policies and procedures which need to be resolved; (iii) act as a sounding board for policies and procedures being developed by the local authorities and the Neighbourhood Plan; and (iv) carry out research on key issues (including Park & Ride, Visitor Coaches travelling through the town, etc.) and prepare papers summarising their findings and conclusions.

The Group draws its members from:

  • The Stratford Society ( up to 2 members),
  • Stratforward(the Manager and 1 member),
  • Accessible Stratford (1 member),
  • STC ( The Mayor and 1 member),
  • SDC (appropriate officer and 1 member),
  • WCC (appropriate officer and any member who represents a town division),
  • Stratford Voice (up to 2 members),
  • The local Member of Parliament or his/her representative,
  • The Group may also invite representatives of other town organisations as appropriate;
  • The Group may also co-opt up to 2 technical specialists to help with their work.

Declarations of interest

  • The Group does not follow the procedure laid down in company law, or local government. Instead it gets the Secretary to keep a record of each individual’s general interests and each meeting starts with specific Declarations of Interest. Anyone with a pecuniary interest in an item on the Agenda should not participate in the discussion except at the discretion of the Chair and they may choose to leave the room.

The structure of the Group is:

  • The Chair is elected for 2 years from those members of the group who are not members of the local authorities. The Chair’s main duties include approving the meeting Agenda, checking minutes before they are circulated, Chairing meetings, and carrying out activities delegated by the rest of the Group.
  • The Vice Chair is elected for 2 years from the same members as above with the clear understanding that the Vice Chair will assume the Chair at the end of their 2 year tenure as Vice Chair.
  • The Secretary is appointed on an hoc basis for 1 or 2 years or longer. The Secretary’s main duties include preparing the Agenda for meetings, keeping minutes, ensuring the web site is kept up to date and being the main point of contact with outside bodies.

Contact Details

The Group has a web page accessed from the main page of the Stratford Society web site underWorking Groups at with links from:

Stratford upon Avon Town Council

Stratforward (Stratford BID)

Stratford District Council


Group Papers
March 2014
1st March 2013
3 February 2013
30  September 2012
28 August 2012
25 February 2012
2 February 2012
3 August 2011
17th March 2011
7th January 2011
13th December 2010
30th October 2010
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