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Subscriptions and Donations
2016 Subscriptions

Resulting from the resolution passed at the 2010 AGM, as from 1st January 2011 the membership fees are as follows :

Joint Household
£23 .00
Corporate Web Sponsor
Please EMAIL info as above for more details

Membership is based on a calendar year, annual renewals being due on 1st January of each year.

There is no joining fee for new members but their first subscription will be the full annual subscription and those who

  • join in the period 1st January to 31st August then their first renewal will be due by the following 1st January.
  • join in the period 1st September to 31st December then their first renewal will be due not the following 1st January but the one after that.

If you are a tax-payer, completing the Gift Aid tax statement enables the Socxiety to reclaim tax on your subscriptions at no extra cost to yourself.

You may pay your first subscription and annual renewal all by bankers order or cash/cheque, alternatively you can pay your first subscription by cash/cheque and then switch to bankers order for your annual renewals. Bankers Order simplies administration and reduces the Societies running costs.

The relevant forms may be downloaded via adobe acrobat reader :

Application Form

Bankers Order Form



As you all know, the Society regularly undertakes activities designed to improve the quality and attractiveness of the town’s heritage and built environment. Our regular subscription income cannot cover these costs. During 2003 and 2004, subscription income barely covered the Society’s general overheads and, although income increased in 2005 following an increase in dues, the Society still has to rely on donations and sponsorship to cover the costs of its “good works.” Indeed, all grants are accounted for separately and are exclusively spent on these good works.

The Society’s good works have included organising study tours, seminars and lectures to share emerging best practice with other historic towns and undertaking special projects that contribute directly to the town’s heritage and built environment. These have all been reported in our regular Newsletters. During the past few years, we have organised study tours to Oxford and Salisbury, seminars on transport and parking in historic towns, a seminar on improving urban design, public lectures like the recent one on the future of retailing in historic towns, replanted the trees in Chestnut Walk and have prepared a demonstration project to explore how the streetscape in High Street could be improved. These initiatives were made possible through donations and the sponsorship of specific events.

If you wish to make a

  • single donation then please download the Donation Form via Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • a regular donation then please contact the Membership Secretary as above.


Examples of Use of Donation Funding

Chestnut Walk Before
Chestnut Walk After

Crabtree & Evelyn were given an award for the excellence of their new shopfront

crabtree shopfront