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Why Join the Society

People join the Society because they care about the town they have chosen to live in and want to take part in shaping its future. By becoming a member you can help to influence decisions on planning, transport and parking, shopping and leisure facilities, planning, and all the aspects of development that help to maintain the character of this unique market town.

Your membership will give you the opportunity to:

  • influence the way that the local authorities deal with heritage and the built environment;

  • stop unsympathetic developments by promoting good quality design;

  • encourage good quality design by making regular awards for excellence;

  • contribute to special projects that improve the attractiveness of the town;

  • receive a high quality Newsletter about the work of the Society and major local issues;

  • enjoy a regular programme of talks and presentations that focus attention on important heritage and historical issues facing the town;

  • take part in special meetings, seminars and study tours , to see how other similar historic towns achieve their aims.

Evidence of the Society’s growing influence in the town can be seen by simply looking at the papers that go to the District Council’s Planning Committee. The Planning Applications Report includes a special section that summarises the comments submitted by the Stratford Society. The Society is also regularly invited to chair, or participate in, the Waterfront Task Force, the various World Class Stratford committees, the County Council Local Strategic Partnership committee that deals with transport, the Renaissance steering group and various other local authority committees that affect the future of the town.

We often disagree – sometimes quite forcefully – with the policies and actions of the local authorities, but we try never to lose our sense of balance. No historic town can remain stuck in the past and our aim, with the help of all our members, is to make the future one we can all be proud of.